Meaty's Roadhouse BBQ of Bay City

Michiganders have their own style of BBQ. Many of them are one-dimensional and focus solely on their pulled-pork. But, then there are the good gems that I like to support with my hard-earned dollars. If you have visited the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum in my previous post and need a good lunch, I would highly recommend hitting Meaty's Roadhouse BBQ in Bay City, Michigan. To find them, it would be easier to map out the route to “Meats and Moore” as they are right in the parking lot. Calling it a roadhouse might be exaggerating; it's more like a clubhouse with all of the open air. There are picnic tables outside and some tables and chairs in the small building. They are very similar to food truck with a permanent location. Keep in mind that they are open seasonally and will not be open when the snow starts flying. They try to stay open as late in the year as possible. Calling Meats and Moore may be your best bet if you are unsure that they are open. 

The menu is comprised of several large chalkboards hung over the counter. If you don't believe the multiple Labadie Pig Gig competition awards that they have displayed around the interior, then let the generous portions of food do the talking. If you are looking to sample everything, the sample platter is where to start (around $15). Loaded with sausage, tender chicken, ribs, and brisket, it fills you up. The beans are also “meaty” with some sausage thrown in as well. For me, the sign of good BBQ is a well-made brisket. Their brisket sandwich is probably a half pound of brisket that they throw on their wood-fired grill outside along with their french bread. Charred to perfection, it's like getting some tasty burnt-ends.

One of their greatest strengths is variety. You are not limited to pulled pork. All of their meats are terrific and a brat and side dish for lunch is affordable for $5. Their steak tacos are also very healthy and delicious. I have yet to have a bad visit. If you so desire, they do have a homemade BBQ sauce on the right side of the counter as well as some other bottled condiments. Take the food to a nearby park along the river and enjoy some good food and a great evening on the river.