Rockford Michigan's Ninja Warrior

Michigander's who love the inspiring Japanese and American Ninja Warrior, will find a delightful, amateur version right in their back yard.  An all day event just north of Grand Rapids, Rockford's Ninja Warrior can be a great opportunity to experience a glimpse of the show.  Usually around the middle of August, Bridgeway Community Church helps put on this family friendly activity. 

Last year, fans were able to see and meet many popular contestants from the show such as "The Beast" McGrath, "The Weatherman" Moravsky, or Kevin Bull.  This year will also have some of the same big names entertaining the crowd.  Besides being FREE to attend and park, there are aluminum grand-stands for people to watch.  Kids will find no shortage of things to do.  There are many opportunities for kids to try the junior version of the obstacle course.  If you feel that you have what it takes to run the course or want to prep for a run on the show, you can sign up to run the course. Check out the website for the course info, volunteer opportunities, and schedule of events.  If you want to be part of a fantastic community event, cheer for some underdogs, or meet some superstars, be sure to visit Rockford's Ninja Warrior this August.