Grissom Air Museum


If you happen to be driving through Peru, Indiana (near Kokomo), you may pass an airport and notice the tails of several different aircraft next to the freeway.  Grissom Air Museum is a wonderful way to burn off some energy if you are passing through.

I visited on a Saturday a few minutes after their closing time.  I was offered some time to visit and even had my admission waived.  The man who was staffing it was very friendly and helpful.  It is a family and photo-op friendly place to visit.  Multiple cockpits are scattered throughout to try as well as an opportunity to climb in the intake of the plane. The fenced-in yard has a variety of airplanes from different eras.  There is also the opportunity to climb their tower on certain days.  On the way out, enjoy the variety of sketches and paintings on the wall towards the exit. 

The admission is $6 for anyone over 5 years of age and they are open from March to November.  You can check out their website here.  I did a U-turn when I saw this place because of the A-10 Warthog.  With Air Force Base nearby, have a picnic near the pavilion and look for planes.  "Soar" in for a great time.