Opening the "Dorr" to Colonial Kitchen

Many times I have passed through the little city of Door, Michigan and always wanted to visit the Colonial Kitchen. It is a small restaurant in the downtown area that seems to be a gathering place for local families. There are perhaps twenty tables and a comfortable atmosphere. Adorned with metal signs, vintage memorabilia, and country themes, the restaurant seem more fitting for George Jones than George Washington.

The pricing is moderate and the staff friendly. I stopped by for the fish fry on Friday. The interior is quite roomy and wide open. I thought my fish was excellent. They batter their own fish, fry up a platter of those crispy morsels, and dish it out to waiting guests around the room. It goes from fryer to table in no time. All-you-can-eat shrimp is on Wednesdays.  Service was quick and friendly.

It's a popular restaurant with the camp crowd in the summer. I could envision farmers shooting the breeze at 6 AM with their cups of coffee. Overall, it gives me more of a sense of community than many metropolitan restaurants.