Krueger's Fish Market


It can be quite difficult to find a good deal in Mackinaw City. Krueger's Fish Market is one of those rare instances. Located on the west side of the highway, Krueger's is a small operation with a home-y Michigan feel. The bear skin on the back wall reminds you that you are in the north country while the simple, open interior allows you to see where your fish is processed.

They have a nice selection of fish from herring to the typical smoked salmon. They are in coolers where you pick the filet or chunk that you want. The pepper beef sticks are a good quality stick that are quite addictive. I made sure to stock up with ice in my cooler the next day and returned to buy some trout cheeks. You don't see many places that offer fish cheeks yet they are like the Filet Mignon of the fish. I was told that they don't always have cheeks available. It all depends on when they have an influx of trout and some time to collect them. Supposedly, it takes about one hundred trout to make a pound of those medallion-sized morsels. If you like scallops, you will enjoy the cheeks. Try something new and adventurous.

Overall, they are a little family business with good products. Make them one of your stops at the top of the mitten.