Gaylord's Elk Park

Michigan has been blessed with a wide variety of wild game. The elk is one of our special animals that few in the state have seen. While depicted in our state flag, seeing them in the wild is a rare site. Thankfully, Gaylord has set aside a preserve to view them and other big game right next to—I can't make this up—the Elks Lodge.

Not many are aware of this sight near the highway. There are over seventy elk on nearly 110 acres for your viewing pleasure. I was there mid-morning and the elk were dozing under some shade near the fence. When I visited about a decade ago, I remember there being big horn sheep butting heads and maybe some caribou. Recently, I saw some fallow deer as well. It can be hit and miss on seeing the herd close-up. The park is located on Grandview Boulevard and the address I have listed is the Elks Lodge.

Take some time to visit. It's free and gives you some opportunities to see some of Michigan's most desired game. Also, be careful where you park your car as some of the elk like to perch on top.


  1. Oh, my goodness! Such a good post. We lived so close to there and went to the elk range several different times. The elk perching precariously on your car photo and caption cracked me right up!! :) Continue having a great summer, John. ~ Jamie


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