Sherman's Ice Cream

If you judge how good an ice cream parlor is by the number of people in line, then Sherman's has lines comparable to the Secretary of State's. Whenever I stop through South Haven, Michigan, I always take note of the yellow brick building just off the east side of the highway. It has the look of a 1950s dairy bar and appears completely abandoned in the winter time. However, during the summer, Sherman's blooms into a THE place for ice cream.

I had to wait just outside the door because of the crowd on this Saturday afternoon. When enough people exited for me to get in, I had to grab a number and take my time figuring out what I wanted to order. In business since 1916, they still maintain the charm of a place that feels like the "old days." Next to the booths and tables, the coffee is fresh and complimentary.

With over fifty-six flavors of ice cream and yogurts available, there is a good selection for everybody. Half gallons are available and could easily satisfy a family. The person in front of me suggested Choco-mania. The color is a deep brown that looks like more like a “chocolate repair” than a “chocolate fix.” The blackberry was also suggested and it tastes like berries and cream—I will be ordering this next time. I went with the Sherman Tracks which is a Moose Tracks-Style with big chunks and lots of fudge swirls. They brag that their ice cream is hand packed and different than commercially available ice cream. They squish out the air bubbles creating a creamy, dense product. It was definitely filling and delicious on a muggy day.

They also have samplers and novelty creations. The spaghetti ice cream was intriguing with their noodle-shaped ice cream and chocolate meatballs. Whatever you order, its going to be generous. A double waffle cone like the one pictured could easily fill 2 people for about $7.

I have been told that Sherman's has customers lined up around the building on busy nights. It is no wonder considering their excellent product, the old-fashioned hospitality, and location near the highway.   You can check out their website here.  Next time you are on the southwest lakeshore, go grab a cone from one of the best ice cream parlors in the area.