Jackie's Place: Family Dining in Holland, Michigan

While visiting Margeritas on 17th Street in Holland, I didn't realize that one of my favorite restaurants in Holland was only a few doors down. On the end of the street is Jackie's Place. It is similar in style to Russ' chain of restaurants in Grand Rapids but much better. It is a source for excellent family dining at good prices. Simple, open, and clean is the layout of the tables. Don't worry about Pan's Labyrinth with partitions and tables like other restaurants.

The service is quick and efficient. All the servers are great but I would suggest trying to get a table with Ellen. She reminds me of a linebacker racing around the field after the football. She always seemed to have everything you need before you ask her. I will say that she is the best server I have seen in a long time. I foresee a Red Bull sponsorship in her future because of the way she hustles.

Jackie's has a great variety. There is usually about six to eight specials for the day and they are reasonably priced. The Basa Whitefish is very popular and generous. Its soft and flaky and comes with two sides. The homemade soups are very good as well. I would stay away from the meatloaf as it was too soft for my liking. One of the specials they were running was a wrap or clam strip basket for $3.59 and it included fries and coleslaw. Sometimes it feels like your taking advantage of them with the deals they offer. I also noticed a bunch of fruit platters being ordered. It includes a nice sampling of fruits as well as a noticeable wedge of cantaloupe.

The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. It's always busy but it seems like there is always a table available. The entertainment books always have some coupons for them so take advantage of them. You can find theirwebsite here. I have taken some trips out to Holland just to eat there. Go exploring and try some of the restaurants like these that Holland has to offer.