Margeritas: Holland's Favorite Fiesta

In a town like Holland, Michigan, go for Mexican food.  I was talking with a friend about local entertainment coupon books when they asked if I had tried Margeritas'.  Then they went on to ask me for the coupon if I decided not to use it.  With a dialogue like that, I knew I had to try this restaurant.  Contrary to the name of the restaurant, Margeritas' does not serve Margeritas'. 

If you like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, then Margeritas' is a contender.  It is on the south side of Lake Macatawa in Holland near the end of 17th Street.  In fact, the water is visible from the rear parking area.  As busy as it was on a Tuesday evening, I wondered how busy they were on a weekend.  We got a table near the back of the restaurant and the smell of tamales was in the air.  People were constantly getting take-out and lining up for a table.  The interior is not spacious so non-peak hours are best.  When we left, there were people lined up out the door. 

Much of the food is homemade.  The chips are thick and the salsa kept my attention.  The price is moderate and very similar to the prices of the chain restaurant On the Border.  However, Margeritas’ food reminded me of having dinner with Mexican friends.  The platter usually has a salad, beans, rice, and the entrée.  The steak chimichanga had good flavor and the enchiladas were soft.  If your stomach is sensitive, the food is very mild.  The presentation is excellent.  It is very colorful and I was finding potatoes and carrots in my rice.  It’s a very diverse and well rounded meal. 

They use coupons to get the people in the door and they go one step further after you use your coupon.  The card inside the entertainment book will get you 20% off your bill just by flashing it.  I found a news article on Mlive that the restaurant was closed down in 2012 due to 200 people catching the noro virus from them.  This was concerning, but we went anyway because of the recent reviews, our friends recommendations, and our own curiosity.  I bring this issue up in case you search for reviews and are concerned.  I am not worried.  I saw that they have signs everywhere in English and Spanish to the employees on health standards.  They are simple but I feel they have corrected actions to avoid a future outbreak.  Plus, judging by the crowds, business has not been hurt.

I will say that the lady who works the counter is one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies you will meet in the food industry.  She is always taking orders over the phone and greeting people.  The other staff are also very helpful.  Service is very quick and the dinner was out to the table in about ten minutes.

It’s a great place for special occasions or a date night.  You can check out their website here.  If you are looking for an authentic, homemade meal, go to one of the hottest restaurants in Holland.