Houghton Lake Hospitality

Many of the reviews on my blog are about places that I have visited.  However, in this post, I am reporting on a motel where I did not stay.  On a weekend trip to Houghton Lake, I was split between a chain hotel near the highway and a family-run motel called Korbinski’s on the other end of the lake’s strip.  Sheepishly, I must admit that I made the mistake of booking with the chain hotel.  However, I did have plans to rent a pontoon from Korbinski's for a light fishing excursion on the lake. 

The day we were to rent the pontoon, the waves were swelling from three to four feet and the wind was trying to create a Wizard of Oz re-enactment.  While I did not want to film a Michigan version of Deadliest Catch, I looked over the facilities of the motel to see what I passed up.  Located in Prudenville, the rates for the pontoon and the rooms are some of the most competitive on the lake.  There is no continental breakfast but it does have character.  The rooms are simple but the campus is great for fishermen, snowmobilers, hunters, or people just looking to crash on the water.  There are charcoal grills and a meat market nearby if you want to keep to yourself and save money instead of eating out.  There is also a gas grill there if I remember correctly.  There are nice picnic areas, fish cleaning stations, a bonfire pit, and a private beach.  It almost has a camping feel without the hassle. It would make a great place to spend a couple days.  They are not on Priceline or any other booking agency so you will have to do your reservations over the phone.

Across the street is their marina and outdoor store.  You can get bait and outdoor supplies if you forgot anything.  If you want a pontoon, you must handle that booking with the marina.  The motel business is managed separately.  Check out their website here.

If you are visiting Houghton Lake, enjoy the family-run hospitality of Michigan.