Horton Hears a "Moo:" Moo-ville Ice cream

Nashville, Tennessee is known for its country music and BBQ, but Nashville, Michigan is known for its dairy products.  I was browsing through a program at the local, minor-league baseball game when I stumbled on Moo-ville's advertisement for their ice cream parlor.  The next day, I went on an impulsive Saturday drive to the south side of Nashville, located about 50 miles southwest from Grand Rapids.  In 2012, Moo-ville was also rated the best ice cream parlor in Michigan!

Moo-ville is a wonderful, family-friendly business that also can cater to "foodies."  There is a small petting zoo with a variety of friendly animals.  Moo-ville is special because Westvale Dairy is next door and provides the ingredients.  They have control of the process from producer to consumer.  Tours are available on Saturday mornings and it is an excellent resource to show children the source of their food.

The ice cream is very good.  There are plenty of flavors including Jalapeno and Strawberry Lemonade.  The prices are more reasonable than my local ice cream shop and more tasty.  They also have an excellent deal for a glass of bottomless milk for 50 cents.  I happily enjoyed some non-homogenized and savory chocolate milk.  They also have a refrigerator section with their dairy products.  In my opinion, this is what dairy products should be like.  I do not believe they are certified organic, but they meet my personal organic classification.  They treat the animals humanely, clean the stalls thrice daily, and do not add hormones. Needless to say, I grabbed a gallon of milk before I left.

If you are in a rush, they do have a drive-thru window and their building can hold large groups.  If you can't travel to Nashville, you can find some of their products in different stores like Heffron farms in Grand Rapids.  Be sure to "like" them on Facebook and check out their webpage here.  If you are looking to be in a good "moo"-d, go check out their operation.


  1. Now I want to go...I love my milk without the hormones. The strawberry lemonade ice cream sounds delish! ~ Jamie


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