Cops and Doughnuts of Clare, Michigan: The Best Doughnut Shop in the Mitten.

On a recent trip up north, I tried out a doughnut shop that had rave reviews.  Cops and Doughnuts was featured on the PBS show, UTR (Under the Radar) Michigan and got my attention.  As I was in the area, I stopped by the store and I am now "booked" on their products.  The place is owned by members of the Clare Police Department and has a history dating back to 1896.

They are located in downtown Clare and take up three store-fronts.  One store is for their cafe, one for the bakery, and one for clothing and merchandise.  For the first time visitor, one can spend quite a bit of time checking out their wares.  Many of the names or merchandise are police related.  I was quite tempted to pick up a "Cuffed and Stuffed" t-shirt.

The price is quite reasonable for the quantity of food received.  The fritters are some of the largest that I have ever seen, are quite delicious, and were selling quickly.  Everything in the store caught my eye.  The portions were incredibly generous and the variety was wonderful.  They also carry my favorite doughnut.  It is called the "Squealer" and it is a long doughnut with maple and bacon goodness.  I plan to purchase more in the future so my co-workers can try them.  I also tried their cheddar bread and ate half of it by the time I arrived home.

I would say that this is the best doughnut shop that I have tried to date.  For all the Grand Rapids readers, I would argue that this place is even better than Marge's, a highly-regarded doughnut venue.  Cops and Doughnuts have opened a new store in Alma recently, and I plan to be a regular customer when I pass through on my travels.  

The store is great for some cute laughs and some good eats.  Don't pass this place up when your traveling up to Mackinaw.  Check out their website here and be sure to "like" them on Facebook.  I highly recommend them.  There are a plethora of doughnut shops in Michigan, but Cops and Doughnuts is one that you need to "pick out of the line-up."