Jonny and Beerntsen's Chocolate Factory

Located in a narrow storefront on North 8th Street in Manitowoc is Beerntsen's.  Our boat was well overdue and we had already checked out of our motel room.  With time left for a stroll and a warm Sunday afternoon, my mother and I took a walk around downtown.  I decided that I wanted to fit in one more store on our trip.  I had seen Beerntsen's on the internet and knew that it was quite close to the Badger's dock. 

It's best to visit the store on an off-day or during some off-hours on the weekends. The store will become crowded quickly and mobility is limited.  However, it is worth the visit.  There is a counter on each side of the store as well as table running down the center with treats.  The back end of the store has all the character.  Old, wooden, high-back booths line both sides of the dining area.  Combined with the dark trim and homemade ice cream could cause a person to believe they are in an old-time ice cream parlor.  I wanted to try their yogurt but they had sold out of it.  Others were ordering sundaes and hard serve cones.  The dining area was standing room only.

Chocolate is everywhere.  I bought a small assortment of everything--dark-chocolate squares, dark-chocolate covered nuts, and cherry bark dark-chocolate.  I love a strong dark chocolate but I found their homemade formula to be on the light side.  It wasn't too strong for those who are looking for a lighter flavor.  If you plan to visit during a busy night or weekend, take your ice cream to a patio down by the bridge--only about a stone's throw.  There are stairs leading to a large wooden pier built on the river.  It is great for those warm summer nights.

It was a casual stop that I enjoyed.  Check out beerntsen's website on this link for store hours and location.