Warren's Restaurant

As I close out my posts on my trip to Manitowoc, Warren's Restaurant deserves an honorable mention.  It is not a fancy restaurant and it doesn't have an evening dinner.  But it does have a few benefits working on its behalf.  First, this is one of the closest restaurants to the Badger.  We had heard about this from a native and decided we would go there for lunch before we left.  It is a simple, small diner with stools overlooking their kitchen and a few small tables and booths.  Our entire party ordered their cheeseburger, fry, and pop special.  It was a decent burger that hit the spot.  It is located about a quarter-mile to half-mile from the ferry at 905 Washington Street.  It is very close to the county courthouse.  If you are looking to hang out at a diner before leaving on the boat, check out Warren's.