A Review of the Four Seasons Family Restaurant of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

During our short stay in Manitowoc, Wisoncsin, we discovered a great restaurant.  Four Seasons Family Restaurant became the talk of the evening and one of the highlights of the trip.

In preparation for our trip in 2012, I researched different restaurants to find some places to try.  Four Seasons had an online menu and intrigued my curiosity.  We had relatives from another part of the state picked us up and we discussed dinner.  We really didn't know what we were getting into.  We were looking for some good eats for a good price.  I suggested Four Seasons and decided to be the fall guy if my decision did not turn out well.

As we walked through the door, I thought it was a cross between the Bob Evans and Perkins line of franchises with a love for America and the Green Bay Packers.  We looked at other diners' plates and asked what they were having.  The special of the day was a lasagna bake.  Upon the suggestion of another diner, four out of five in our party ordered the special.  I was the rogue and ordered a gyro homemade dinner.  The portions were good sized and my party loved their lasagna.  I believe that I got the best deal.  There is a segment of the menu called "Home-made Dinners."  If you are really hungry, this is the best bang for your buck.  You get soup, salad, the entree and potato, and a dessert.  It is basically a four course meal.  My meal was about $7.25 but it was well worth it.  The special of the day was less costly and there are other affordable options.  My parents love the home-made rice pudding.  It was quite evident that it was homemade.  The menu is eclectic; it has rotisserie, Asian cuisine, Americana, Italian, and steaks.  There is something for everybody.

I will not exaggerate that this is in my top-5 of best family restaurants.  If they were in Michigan, this would be the place where I would go for Sunday dinner.  It's a clean, well-run establishment.  It seemed that any servers or bus-boys would help the customer.  The service was impressive. The dining room is roomy and comfortable.

The restaurant is several miles round trip from the ferry.  I would suggest getting a taxi.  It's about a 2 mile stretch so a bike would be the most handy.   If you would like to see the menu as well as location and phone number, you can access their website on this link. 

I believe in first impressions.  We were hungry travelers from Michigan and we left this restaurant satisfied.  I was worried that I would look like the scape-goat if the experience was not up to par but I looked like a genius after we left.  Their service and food were excellent and they definitely know how to keep their customers talking about a casual, family dinner.