Canoeing in Pure Michigan Country.

Temperatures are spiking into the 90s and Michigan is officially into the dog days of summer.  Now is the most perfect time to take advantage of some of Michigan's finest canoeing and kayaking opportunities.  Michigan is known for having several of the world's greatest streams and rivers for paddle sports of all experience levels.

If your a beginner on a low budget, take a look at the Hersey Canoe Livery for your next trip.  Located in Hersey, Michigan just north of Big Rapids, Hersey Canoe Livery is one of the cheapest liveries I have seen in that part of northern Michigan.  I was able to get a canoe and kayak for about $40 for a 4 hour trip on the Little Muskegon River.  The Little Muskegon is perfect for beginners as it allows enough width for amateurs to learn to paddle. 

Plus, it is relatively shallow and provides incredible opportunities to catch crawdads, throw river mussels into your unsuspecting friend's canoe, or scour for trout on the stony bottom. 
Make sure you use the bathroom first as there are no areas to stop and use the restroom until you return back to the outpost.  Visit Hersey on an off day like Monday through Friday.  Virtually no traffic is on the water. 

Another place to visit is Hersey's mother station in Big Rapids known as Sawmill Tube and Canoe.  Sawmill is located downriver from Hersey and provides for a fun ride past Big Rapids.  Sawmill tends to be somewhat pricier than Hersey but it is a great experience.  Get out and beat the heat with this summer with one of these liveries for all your tubing, canoeing, or kayaking desires.  Check out their website here.