Michigan's Everything Store

     Continuing on in my series of posts on the business gems Michigan has to offer, Larson's Salvage is definitely a manly store.  As a kid, I loved visiting this store.  If you've ever watched the Red Green Show, you might know of "Dalton Humphrey's Everything Store."  Larson's is basically the American version.
     It can take quite a while to look through at every nook and cranny of this store.  There's no plethora of aisles like in Lowes, no inflated pricing like Ace Hardware, and no lumber warehouse like the Home Depot, but Larson's is all atmosphere.  It has that general store feel where you can come on in and relax.
     If your a paracord enthusiast like me, they have a small supply.  They almost always have a roll of olive drab 550 cord at 10 cents a foot and occasionally have a roll of desert camo and accu-camo for the same price.  With a little imagination, you can pick up different knick knacks for your paracord projects. 
     Larson's has been around for a while and is the epitome of a small town hardware store.  Next time your in the area, check 'em out next time your in the area.
     Larson's is located on Washington Ave. and 7th Street in Bay City Michigan and is open from Monday through Saturday.

**EDIT** I came across their new web page.  Check it out here