You might be a Michigander

You might be a Michigander if...
you think Red Green would fit right in with other MIchiganders.
you think there are five seasons: Spring, summer, fall, deer season, winter.
you or your neighbor has a snowmobile, dirtbike, or ATV...and you live in the city.
your highschool football games will have suburbs on one side and farmland on the other.
you can imitate a Canadian's or Norwegian's accent perfectly, eh!
you point to an area on your hand to tell people where you are from.
you know what a pasty is.
somebody tells you what city they are from and you ask if that is near Detroit or the U.P.
you can actually drive in snow.
you hate OSU and you know what those initials stand for.
you still root for a losing team that hasn't won a superbowl.
you know somebody that works in the auto industry.
you consider "up north" as the U.P. and can't fathom anything farther north than that.
you consider "down south" as Indiana.
you are a Yankee but still love southern food and living.
you believe in the 5, 10, and 30 second rule.
you go on vacation and the souvenirs you bring back are bottle rockets and firecrackers.
you think the food pyramid consists of steak, potatoes, beef jerky, bacon, and doughnuts.
you tell people you are going to Ferris State University and they ask if you are studying to become a pharmacist.
you actually survived a trip through Detroit and Flint.
you will stand in your shorts and tshirt in 30 degree weather waiting for the doors to open on Black Friday.
you call people Trolls because they live under da' Bridge. That's a funny one, eh?