The Brick Oven of Oscoda

On the sunrise side, Oscoda is known for an abandoned air-force base, terrific beaches, and canoe races. But on the north end of town, there is a little place that foodies will love. The Brick Oven is hard to describe. It's like an pizza parlor moonlighting as a burger and BBQ cafe. Off of the main drag on the way to the airport, the clean, cozy, and quiet establishment is one place that I try to visit on the way north.

Walking into the restaurant, an aura of oak smoke will greet you like an overly excited yellow lab. In the winter time, it's feels like walking into a cabin with the wood stove going. The wood-fired, brick oven in the corner is where they make their pizzas. Just to the left of the oven, they have hard wood cooking their burgers and meats. Nothing competes with the rustic cooking method.

I really enjoy the personal-sized pesto chicken pizza. The basil has always tasted fresh like a salad. They serve several different types of personal pizzas so you are not getting just a traditional one-topping. The pulled pork nachos are a must have as well. It has a different type of BBQ sauce on it that I can only assume to be homemade. It has a little bit of kick and pairs well with the queso slathered all over. I was surprised when I arrived to pick up the nachos and it was in a pizza box. I had plenty of food and was definitely satisfied with the flavors.

Get the food to go and take it to the park on Van Etten Lake just up the road by the old air force base. It usually quiet except for some boaters launching or fishermen. Check out their website here. When the tourists are crowding all the shops and beaches, stop off the beaten path and visit a great little eclectic eatery.