Bear's Den Pizzeria: Stops Your Stomach from Growling

The place for the archery enthusiast in Michigan is the Bear's Den Pizzeria. On a tip from a friend, I visited here to check out the Fred Bear decorations, get some blog material, and also treat my parents for their anniversary. This homage is located in Grayling, Michigan in the downtown sector. The walls have bows from the different eras and the placemats cover the entire timeline of Fred Bear's life and products.

First, they are more pricey than other pizza buffets but it has the aura of a hunting camp. It did have a salad buffet, a few homemade soups, pizza, and koala sticks. The soups taste pretty good and the koala sticks are great. The koala sticks are cheese bread with plenty of seasoning and olive oil. However, they do not offer a variety on the pizza buffet. They usually put out a single pizza and order of koala sticks to save money. We got there at the noon lunch rush and were one of the first there. By the time we left, it was getting busy with locals, police, and military coming in for lunch.

I will say the product is good. I thought it was good pizza and even better cheese sticks. If I were to do it again, I would order pizzas and a couple koala sticks in the dining room. It can be cheaper and will give you the full gambit of what they offer. Next time you are in Grayling, “paws” and stop in.


  1. LOVE those koala sticks!! I've never even had the buffet there though. We always got the koala sticks and a salad (which is super good too). Love their pizza! They have pretty good pasta dishes as well but they don't have a lot of the same ones from when the place used to be called Buccilli's. So glad you went there and did this review! :) ~ Jamie


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